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January 27th, 2012

RE: Rebuilding after Fire Damage

Dear Ralph,

       I consider a distinct privilege to congratulate you and your staff in assisting with our building needs after our garage fire.
       From the start your professional help with our stressful situation was reassuring.  Having to work with a budget from our insurance company, you handled all communication between companies and advised us on what we could expect in rebuilding and design.  You also handled all paper work on contracts, building license, permits and fees.
       Diana and I felt so much better having your knowledge and timeline in structuring all building companies involved.  If changes were made we were involved to help in understanding the new laws and regulations involved, since our building was built many years ago.
       Again, thank you so much for your expertise in this building process.  Your service is so valuable and made our decision to use youy and your company a great pleasure.

Our Personal Regards,

        Mike and Diana Pargeon


March 20th, 2012

RE: Letter of Recommendation for Mr. Ralph Smith/
Development Resource Management Group, LLC

To Whom It May Concern:

Please allow this letter to serve as my unqualified endorsement and support for Ralph Smith, and his business, Development Resource Management Group, LLC (DRMG).

During my tenure for the past four years as both a board member and this past year as Chairman of the Board of Directors for My Journey Home, Inc., a local non-profit organization, I have had both the privilege and pleasure of knowing Ralph Smith, both on a professional and personal level.

During this past year, Ralph Smith’s company was selected by our non-profit organization, as a business start up consulting firm, as we were in the process of establishing a for-profit business. Mr. Smith’s background as well as that of his firm were researched and found to be both totally qualified and prepared for such an undertaking. Mr. Smith and his staff were given the parameters from which we elected to develop the for-profit business, and not only thoroughly researched the project, but put together both a comprehensive business plan, as well as an all encompassing organizational plan, from which we could operate.

During this process for the past year, our board of directors found Mr. Smith to have delivered a professional product that any organization, be it a non-profit, or for-profit could easily and successfully use.

I would likewise offer during this time period, I have gotten to know Mr. Ralph Smith as well as some of this staff, including Ryan Vukich, his Project Manager, on a personal level. I have found both to possess a high degree of character, as well as integrity. As a retired state law enforcement official with over twenty five years of experience, I do not often make such a statement or offer such an unqualified recommendation. However, with respect to Mr. Smith and his business, I feel it is certainly warranted.

As a result, I would offer my endorsement of them for whatever project they and DRMG may be considered for, as I am quite confident they can and will deliver a quality product, and do so in a professional and timely manner.


Martin Stepina

Chairman of the Board of Directors,

My Journey Home, Inc.


October 11th, 2013,

“Ralph and Ryan with the “DRM Group” have been thorough, professional and it has been easy integrating with my Company to oversee and analyze on a very tough project.  I look forward to our next project together”.    


Frank M. Lepori 
Frank Lepori Construction Inc.


October 14th, 2013,

Signature Landscapes has had the pleasure of working with Ralph Smith and the DRM Group on several projects here in the Truckee Meadows and the Sierra. We have found them to always be very knowledgeable and professional. They always show a high concern for their clients receiving the best value and represent their client’s interests well. While working with any subcontractor, DRM Group does it in such a way that they get the most out of the relationships they build with the subs in order to also benefit the client, being fair but holding the subs to reality and schedules. We respect and enjoy working with Ralph!


Lebo Newman


October 16th, 2013,

In 2012 Ralph Smith and the DRMG team was hired to inspect a 95 unit apartment property that I purchased, along with other investors. DRMG issued a thorough report that I used to negotiate certain concessions from the seller. Then, in the spring of 2013 I hired DRMG to write a detailed specification for a substantial roof replacement project for the property. They then evaluated the bids from the vendors and sought clarifications and enhancements to the bids. Once I selected the vendor, DRMG was given the authority to approve on-the-spot change orders to replace both decking and fascia during the "tear off" process to insure that a quality job was performed by the roofing contractor and that they were not delayed in their schedule. Based on DRMG's involvement with this project from "soup to nuts" my investors saved almost $30,000 over the estimates received in 2012. DRMG's fees were reasonable. This was money well-spent to insure  a quality job.




Floyd Rowley, CPA, CCIM

Sr. Vice President, Apartment Realty Advisors

Managing Member, 3200 Lakeside investors, LLC