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Operations, Project and Estimation Assistance
Operations, Project and Estimation Assistance
 Key to any companies’ expansion and growth plans are the measured addition of management level positions. The hiring of full time, capable Operations, Project and Estimation (OPE) capacity during this critical time can diminish a companies control of that growth as demand outpaces capacity, or down the road capacity outpaces demand. The ability to contract experienced OPE staff on an as needed basis is a strategic advantage allowing companies to grow in a calculated manner while controlling both ca-pacity and demand. The overhead associated with management level employees during any time inbetween projects is erased and the ability to source full-time employees once demand necessitates further capacity allows companies to better define their needs and match hires accordingly. A measured, calculated growth and expansion strategy using experienced OPE staff enables a company to control it’s capacity and demand during the process and meet the de-mands of a ever-changing project environment.
The Development Resource Management Group, LLC. (DRMG) has the experience and the ability necessary to act as an asset during any companies Growth and Expansion phase with over 30 years of experience and a billion dollars in completed projects. From introduction to project completion we represent our clients with professionalism, expeditiously and economically addressing our clients individual needs through a projects entirety or any portion thereof.

Our business and future is built upon these successful representations, and the experience our clients receive from our ability to look out for their best interests.

OPE Services

Operations, Project , Estimation Assistance

1. Operations Services:
  • Contract Administration
  • Project Management Tracking and Improvement
  • Expansion and Growth Planning
  • Operational Succession Planning
  • Operational Marketing and Sales
  • Hands on Operational Needs as Required
  • Pre-Project and Post Project Review
2. Project Assistance:
  • Day-to-Day Project assistance
  • Job Costing and Reporting
  • Sub-Contractor Sourcing and Relationships
  • Scheduling and Weekly Updates
  • Overall Project assistance as Required
3. Estimation Assistance:
  • Project or Portion Estimating as Required
  • Quantity Take-Offs As Needed
  • Overall Project Estimating as Needed by Client

DRMG LLC. contracts with construction companies providing them with the ability to fill management level positions when and where they need it, without worrying about the ebb and flow of projects. Our services above can be catered in all or part to each clients needs, to allow for the most flexibility, and the filling of specific roles that need filling.