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Neutral Expert/Expert Witness
Neutral Expert/Expert Witness

  1. Provide detailed project assessment, detailing the proficiencies and deficiencies of work performed:

    1. evalute work performed in an on-going or post project inspection process, reporting on the compliance with construction documents and applicable standards;

    2. recommend actions to bring work into compliance with paths and pricing when appropriate;

    3. facilitate the selection of trade specific professionals for further analysis when problems are identified.

  2. Provide knowledge and research based services to attorneys in the fields of design, architecture and construction:

    1. evaluate roles and responsibilities of parties involved in the project;

    2. examine best practices and accepted industry standards affecting the project;

    3. review procedures implemented on the project relative to document requirements

  3. Assist attorneys in case preparation by providing access to specialized construction knowledge:

    1. provide information on authorities having jurisdiction over project;

    2. explain minutiae and complexity inherent in construction document preparation;

    3. clarify technical terms and accepted industry practices