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About Us
Development Resource Management Group, LLC. was established in 2011 in Reno, Nevada. Company founder Ralph C. Smith wanted to use his considerable experience to develop a consulting business able to provide a strong foundation of support for building owners and clients with a need to develop projects and protect their assets without the massive investment typically needed to build an in-house staff with relevant project skills.

Part of our company's mission is to provide owners with a range of construction property consulting services to help identify goals for success, and where possible, minimize costs of operations and project development and increase the likelihood of a successful project.

Our great strengh as consultants grows from the decades of combined work experience of our
staff and our close strategic ties to the business community.

Development Resource Management Group, LLC. strives to be your guide through a process that can become a very large investment in time and money unless managed by experienced representatives dedicated to your interests and to the successful completion of your project.

Past and Current Clients include:

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